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Comic voca

The second element: used in the ACGN cultural circle as the name for the “overhead world” or the dream world. TV animation (TV animation): An animation of the video. Network animation (WEB animation): network distribution platform animation. Theatrical animation (animated film): Aimated animation, a kind of animation. OVA Animation / OAD Animation: Animated independent videotape.… Read More »


Comics is an art form that draws pictures of life or current affairs in a simple and exaggerated way. The methods of deformation, comparison, symbolism, suggestion, and mapping are generally used. Form a humorous picture or group of pictures to achieve the effect of satire or singing. Frequently, exaggeration, metaphor, symbolism, etc., satirize, criticize or… Read More »


The concept of animation is different from cartoons in general. Animation is a kind of comprehensive art. It is an artistic expression that combines painting, comics, film, digital media, photography, music, literature and many other art categories. The UK, which originated in the first half of the 19th century, flourished in the United States, and… Read More »

American anime

American anime Compared with animation works in other countries, American animation works are smooth in motion, rich in plot and imagination, and often use high-tech shooting techniques. To sum up, the characteristics of American anime are nothing more than these four kinds: “American heroism”, “using animation stunts to create realism and shock”, “striking the nerves… Read More »

Chinese anime

Chinese anime refers to animation and comics in the China (Mainland) region. Chinese animation originated in the 1920s. In 1926, China’s first animated film “The Studio” was filmed, which opened a page in the history of Chinese animation. In the 1940s, the Wan Brothers created the first feature film of Chinese animation, Princess Iron Fan,… Read More »

Japanese anime

Japan is a world’s animation powerhouse, and its animation development model has distinct national characteristics without losing innovation and attraction. Anime is an important industrial chain in Japan and has few rivals in the world. Japanese anime originated in 1917, and its animation works pay more attention to making the works exquisite and small, and… Read More »