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Comics is an art form that draws pictures of life or current affairs in a simple and exaggerated way. The methods of deformation, comparison, symbolism, suggestion, and mapping are generally used. Form a humorous picture or group of pictures to achieve the effect of satire or singing. Frequently, exaggeration, metaphor, symbolism, etc., satirize, criticize or praise some people and things, have strong social, but also purely entertaining works, have a strong entertainment, entertainment works often have funny type and Character creation. In recent years, works have dominated Japanese comics [6] and American comics.
Comic art presents three manifestations in modern times: one is a single or four-frame comic that is very common in newspapers and magazines, with the main purpose of irony and humor; the other is a story comic that is very close to animation. It is serialized or assembled in professional comic magazines. Among them, modern story comics are the most common form of comics today, especially Japanese comics, which are full of entertainment, art and commerciality. There is also a comic strip that has been relatively rare in modern times but flourished in the 20th and even the 19th century.

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