Japanese anime

By | 2019-06-10

Japan is a world’s animation powerhouse, and its animation development model has distinct national characteristics without losing innovation and attraction. Anime is an important industrial chain in Japan and has few rivals in the world.
Japanese anime originated in 1917, and its animation works pay more attention to making the works exquisite and small, and the meticulous Japanese culture also affects the characteristics of Japanese anime. The characteristics of Japanese anime can be defined as: meticulous characters, styling and scene design; with the surreal imagination space to satisfy the audience’s fantasy of impossible things; the nerves of the audience’s fantasy. [9]
In Japan, there are several professional cartoon artist organizations. Among them, the “Japanese Cartoonists Association” was established in 1964 and is the only national cartoonist organization in Japan. [10] Bringing together all the professional cartoon artists in the country. The former chairman of the association was made by Kondo Sunrise. In 1985, the association was recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science and began its public service to cartoon artists. The current chairman of the association is Chiba. [10] The association brings together cartoon artists of various genres. The association is headquartered in Tokyo and has nine branches throughout Japan.

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